The Firm’s director, Amir Levy, an architecture and design graduate, began his career in the industry in the 90s, when he interned with industry leaders – Ricky Gidron and Digi (Meir) Gal and was put in charge of many diverse international level projects, such as: design of VIP lounges for aviation companies, VIP hotel suites and design of luxury residences, all demanding excellence and uncompromising professionalism. One of Amir’s most prominent projects was the design of clean-lined, Asian motif offices for UMI, which brought about a significant uplift in sales of the other units in the building and in fact, after Amir designed the office – the unit was used as a “show office”, which in turn resulted in the sale of all the offices in the building. This project earned Amir special recognition from UMI’s CEO, at the time, Avihu Ben-Nun. The success of this project led to cooperation between Amir and the Italian design frim, Marzorati Ronchetti, a recognized leader in the industry, primarily due to strict adherence to details and current design and strict implementation of details, while applying complex technological methods and a high level of finish – bordering on the impossible. Together they undertook many international projects, in collaboration with leading architects in the industry, including: Ron Arad, Antonio Citterio, Norman Foster and others. After gaining a great deal of experience in commercial design (retail design), Amir currently focuses primarily on commercial projects. Among Amir’s clients are leading companies in all market sectors, such as: Isuzu, Dominos, Hyundai and others. Amir is motivated in all his projects by his love for the profession and his aspiration for perfection and excellence.